Ziraat Bankasi Time Deposit

Turkish Lira fixed deposit terms range from 1 days up to 6 years. Foreign currency deposits are also available in GBP, EUR, USD and CHF

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Ziraat Bankasi Discussion

  • Q: Hello, could you please provide me with answers to the following questions: 1) Can I open a Time Deposit/Savings Account from U.S. via the internet 2) Can I (an American) open a Time Deposit account in your bank? 3) If so, what are the requirements? 4) Can the interest be withdrawn on monthly basis or can it only be withdrawn at the end of the 1 yr 5) Can I have a beneficiary to the account whom resides in Istanbul and could withdraw the interest from the account? 6) what is the current interest rate paid and the amount required to open a Time Deposit(Savings) account? Thank you for you help in advance. Al D.

    Reply Al D from Clayton, United States
  • Q: Hi, I need to know what is the interest rates on the Turkish Lira yearly. Whether if the interest rate can be paid monthly. Kindly send the calculation in an estimated amount. Moreover would depositing money in urban bank offers me the chance to apply for residency?

    Reply Salim from Lebanon
  • Q: Hi , I need to know how is the deposit interest being paid ? , what is the exact calculation please ? Ie. For example the aforementioned rates are for each monthly payment or the whole year ? Also what is the best way to transfer money to Turkey ? , and does having a saving account there , entitle you for a residency ? Also are such accounts subject to taxes ? And how much ? Thanks

    Reply Ahmad from Kuwait