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HSBC Turkey Bank AccountsHSBC Turkey was established in 1990 and is a subsidiary of the UK-based multinational banking and financial services provider HSBC Group. It has 307 branches plus a network of ATMs across Turkey. Banking services are available for personal and business customers. The range o... read more

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  • Q: do you have a branch in trapzon

    Reply khyser from United Arab Emirates
  • Q: I have a banker cheque from ING insurance (banker cheque) to clear. what is the requirement for opening a bank account with your bank and any minimum deposit required before clearing the cheque?

    Reply Conrad from Tacoma, United States
  • Q: My wife and I have an apartment in Turkey and are looking to invest £30000 for minimum 5 years ,can you calculate what interest we would receive at today's rates please. We already have a Halkbank account but would be prepared to open a separate account with you. Also would the account be accessible online from the UK?

    Reply Steve from Hull, United Kingdom
  • Q: Can I transfer £1000 From my HSBC account in England, to my HSBC account in turkey and exchange it into lira at the Turkish exchange rate

    Reply Mark from United Kingdom
  • Q: What are the current interset rates in turkey for deposit accounts?I have approx 153,500turkish lira to invest.

    Reply Mary from Dublin, Ireland
    • R: Hi Mary, I have just invested 150,000 TL with the TEB bank I have the online e account and am getting 11% interest, you need to bare in mind your interest will be tax at 15%. Hope that helps, Regards Paul.

      Reply Paul
  • Q: When I move to turkey I want to live on my interest from deposited savings. If I deposit 200000 GBP converted into Turkish lira, what interest rates would I achieve

    Reply Colin from Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
  • Q: Hi i have some money i would like to invest with you.I have an appartment in Turkey and would like to invest some money can you tell me what sorts of rates you have and for how long to invest for.Isthe interester payed per month or per year.

    Reply philip from Lowestoft, United Kingdom

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